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  • PowerBreathing by Yonah - more testimonials about reflexology treatments and yoga therapy and coaching

    A Long-Time Pain Sufferer Expresses Gratitude

    Have you ever wished you could control or decrease your pain without running to the medicine cabinet? I have had that experience through Yonah Offner's coaching and teaching skills relating to power breathing and relaxation. I actually can reduce or eliminate the pain I have suffered with for years in my upper back, neck and shoulders. I would never have believed that it was possible. Before working with Yonah, I instantly opted for the Ibuprofen bottle. Still more incredible are the superior results of his Reflexology treatments and Yoga Therapy; and it's also a good way to loose weight.

    Several weeks ago, I went to my Primary Care Physician to learn the results of my blood work and have some prescriptions renewed. I was unprepared for what I heard. My blood pressure was down to 115/68 in an upright position; my cholesterol was down to 156 from 245 with HDL and LDL in correct proportion; my triglycerides were normal after being extremely elevated; and the scale showed thirty-five less pounds than the last time I was weighed! My beaming smile was a dead give-a-away to my reaction to this exciting news. My doctor was pleased also and when I began explaining about my life style change and some of the things I was doing to actively improve my health, she began to roll her eyes upward. I just stopped talking, smiled and thanked her. When I began driving home, I played a beautiful melody my CD player and tears began to stream down my face. I started to reflect on even more quality improvements in my life.

    You see, the results the doctor had given to me were only half the story of my efforts to change. I realized that, for the first time in thirty-six years, I was pain free and wow - that felt fantastic! I was so much more flexible than before. My digestive and elimination systems were on track, perhaps for the first time in my life and that is no small thing! I have been able to reduce the number and dosage of the medications I had been taking for years. My pant size was down by two and most of my clothes were rather loose fitting. The more things I thought of, the more the tears flowed. I realized that I had been successful far beyond my timid hopes. The difference was the life style change as opposed to the many diets I had failed with in my past. I just wanted to be healthier, more flexible, look better and feel my best. I called to share my accomplishments with my supportive and devoted husband, who quickly pointed out that my decision to begin consulting with Yonah Offner was the foundation of real change for me.

    It seems as if I should describe my life in terms of "before Yonah" and now - "after Yonah", though he will remain part of my efforts toward positive living indefinitely. Even though there have been many other influences during my time on this earth, no one has ever impacted my life as significantly as Yonah. Yes, I did lots of work too, but who would have a clue about WHAT work without Yonah's coaching and therapeutic skills? I will take credit for beginning the programs of Reflexology and Yoga Therapy and I know I had something to do with the outcome too. However, I was totally unprepared for the depth of Yonah's understanding and proficiency as a therapist. As inadequate as words can be at times, I will attempt to explain.

    Focusing on bringing my mind, body and spirit into balance, Yonah Offner has opened up a whole new world for me, a world based on promoting health and longevity instead of treating symptoms and dwelling on illness. Through his guidance, I am gradually bringing stability to my life with an eye toward holistic and mindful ways to assure wellness. Though my understanding of the relationship of the mind, body and spirit is only in its infancy, I intend to continue my journey. My mind is more lively now and full of possibilities! As he always has, Yonah will be there for me to support my triumphs and get past the inadequacies. His strength and expertise will continue as reinforcements along my voyage toward continued wellness, peace of mind, spiritual growth and personal joy.
    - L.J., long-time pain sufferer

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    PowerBreathing by Yonah
    Yonah Offner - The Center for Health Inhancement

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    Hof Ashkelon, Israel

    052 309-8891 cell Israel
    011 972 52 309-8891 From USA
    Skype: YogiYonah
    e-mail yonah@powerbreathing.com or YogiYonah@gmail.com
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