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  • PowerBreathing by Yonah Offner - yoga and relfexology therapy testimonials

    Testimonials to Yonah's Reflexology and Yoga Therapy Healing

    Yonah guarantees results to his ISRAELI CLIENTS
    Yonah is a sensitive, compassionate caregiver. He believes in treating the whole person. When I went to see him, to help me with the pain in my knee, he needed to know about my background and stresses in my life and gave me some coping mechanisms. His breathing techniques worked, now my knee rarely gives me any trouble. I was unable to Run without pain before seeing Yonah!
    Susan C., Jerusalem

    ...in regards to my memory of my first yoga class at the Escondido Adult Education School, with Yonah. It is still the best yoga class I have ever taken. It was about 16 years ago now and Yonah Offner is the only yoga instructor’s name I have ever remembered. I used to look forward to his class. He made yoga fun, accessible and a joy to do.
    -J.L., Yoga Student

    Have you ever wished you could control or decrease your pain without running to the medicine cabinet? I have had that experience through Yonah Offner's coaching and teaching skills relating to power breathing and relaxation. I actually can reduce or eliminate the pain I have suffered with for years in my upper back, neck and shoulders. ....no one has ever impacted my life as significantly as Yonah.....
    Yonah Offner has opened up a whole new world for me, a world based on promoting health and longevity instead of treating symptoms and dwelling on illness.
    - L.J., long time pain sufferer
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    Yonah is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. I am over 70 years old and have been doing for many years. His style of yoga is for everyone, the young, the old, and the young at heart! Thank you Yonah for keeping me forever young!
    - M.B., Yoga Student

    Yonah helped me bring my life back into balance after being desperate and depressed for many years. With my doctor and Yonah's help, I was able to eliminate taking medications through PowerBreathing™, reflexology and yoga therapy. After seeing the benefits, I even brought my 6-year old daughter for reflexology therapy!
    With Yonah's coaching to make lifestyle changes, I got a promotion at work and have improved my relationships.
    - A.M., Gemologist, A.G.S.

    I came to Yonah to reduce my stress and tension levels. By Using PowerBreathingI was able to overcome my phobia of climbing because of lack of oxygen climbing in high altitudes. Through the therapy, I set a goal to climb Mt. Whitney, which is the highest mountain in the Continental U.S. I not only climbed Mt. Whitney I set another goal, running a half marathon in record time. Due to a knee and back injury years ago, I thought I was unable to run. I succeeded running the half-marathon and continuing to set higher physical goals. Yonah not only helped my physical body, but also my level of self-esteem and confidence.
    - G. M., Real Estate Broker

    I was introduced to Yonah through his wife's yoga class. He came to speak about what PowerBreathing was, and showed us a video of him having surgery to remove a fatty tumor from his neck. I was absolutely fascinated, that he did this all without any pain medication whatsoever. Having two children and the help of drugs to get through labor, I realized that I really try to avoid pain of any kind. I thought: "wow, what if I could learn Yonah's breathing technique to deal with my everyday life?" .... To my surprise, I got much more from Yonah's sessions. They have truly changed my life. I am much calmer all around. I have also started a new business; I would not have been ready to start before seeing Yonah. Do yourself and every one else around you a favor and give Yonah's PowerBreathing a try!
    - Kat

    It is hard to explain what Yonah does; I call him a miracle worker. Being a very analytical person, it is hard for me to accept the fact that every time I go to see Yonah, I go away feeling wonderful. Not just normal wonderful, but on-top-of-the-world wonderful. In the beginning, I tried to figure out what was happening. I have since stopped trying to figure it out and just accept the fact the Yonah is a very special person with a gift. He is so knowledgeable about life. That is a very broad statement, but if you worked with Yonah, you would understand what I mean. When I first went to Yonah, I had been dealing with a lot of personal issues. Severe depression, the bad unresolved relationship with my mother and going through menopause at what I feel is too young of an age to be going through it. I was in therapy and working my way back, but I just felt like something was still missing. I was questioning things like what am I doing here and what is my purpose in life. Yonah made me realize that I could do anything I wanted and could feel great by just loving myself. I can't begin to even describe what this all means. I can only speak from my experience and how I have changed. I am so happy now. I have a whole new appreciation for life and cherish each and every day. I love myself and everyone around me. I have a purpose in life. There is a higher being. The simplest things in life give me such pleasure now. So whatever your needs may be, be assured that Yonah is the one to help you. He is kind, caring, wise, nurturing and is always there for you. I hope Yonah will always be a part of my life.
    - C.G.. CFO

    PowerBreathing by Yonah
    Yonah Offner - The Center for Health Inhancement

    #37 Moshav Hodaya
    Hof Ashkelon, Israel

    052 309-8891 cell Israel
    011 972 52 309-8891 From USA
    Skype: YogiYonah
    e-mail yonah@powerbreathing.com or YogiYonah@gmail.com
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